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Military Status: exempted

Previous job: Administrative Director at vision Language School in Alexandria.

Current job: Vice Principle at Egypt Modern School (IGCSE/American Diploma)


University degree: Ph.D. in Risk Management. at schools – Alexandria University 2018

  • Lecturer at the Institute of Peace and Occupational Health of * OSHA * the International Organization
  • My duties and responsibilities:

1-IGCSE /AS/AL registration process and procedures and a American diploma :

  • Providing all possible choices and advice to students about available subjects and registering them
  • Carry out all the required procedures to obtain and deliver statements of entries to students
  • Follow up with British council for whatever is required to complete and ensure the ease and the smoothness of any issues related to IGCSE/AS/AL exams procedures
  • Setting exam halls for IGCSE/AS/AL exams
  • Following up with students about requirements for national and international universities, and providing all transcripts needed for completion of registration process

2-: Plan a strategy


  • Plan a strategy for schools short term target or long
  • Set mission and vision of school
  • Set goals to be achieved for the school then make an organization starchier with job description for every one
  • Make a policy and all organization procedures
  • Set all templates and formats for all paper work in both Arabic and English
  • Making booklets for teacher’s manual, students manual and parents manual
  • Marketing for the school
  • The establishment and integration of risk management of the organizational structure





  • Follow up student’s attendance and absence (excused-unexcused) on daily, weekly, monthly basis using pioneer management system, and providing graphical report to admin
  • Complete filing system for all students (personal-medical-academic, etc…)
  • Handling and solving all students issues and problems, and providing a communication system between them and /or parents – teachers
  • Managing all detention, misdemeanors, home-notes, and recognition or appreciation certificates as well.
  • Arrange parents meeting with teachers individually or on large scale (PTA)
  • Managing assembly and broadcasting on daily basis
  • Arranging with teachers to provide recommendation letters for students as need


  • All field trips organization and follow up
  • Arranging all sorts of curricular and extracurricular activities in coordination with teachers within school or with other schools
  • Organizing the following events:
  1. Graduation ceremony
  2. Science fair
  3. Sports day
  4. Art exhibition
  5. Languages day
  6. Math marathon
  7. General knowledge competition
  8. Giving lectures to the students about (Bulling –Harassment-Smoking etc……)
  9. Giving lectures to all the stuff about the risk and crisis management)

Other qualifications:

  • Computer skills and internet: very good
  • Languages: fluent Arabic/ English
  • Black belt in karate
  • Alexandria karate championship for 5 successive years(1994- 1999)
  • Egypt karate championship for 3 successive years(1996- 1999)
  • Egyptian universities championships for 3 successive years(1994- 1997)


Special training courses:

  • Upper intermediate English levels- American center -2000-2001
  • Physio-therapy, field injuries, rehabilitation and message-1996
  • Egyptian training in karate- league- passes with grade excellent- 1996
  • Diploma in international training in karate- sports culture center- passed with grade very good- 1998
  • Judgment for handball and athletics- 1997

Work experience (please check next page for duties):

  • Administrative Director Vision language School in Alexandria from 2015 till 2016
  • OIS-Orbit international school KSA from 2007 till 2015 as a Head of boys’ section
  • KLS-Keumeya American School as physical education teacher and general supervisor from 2001 till 2007
  • All certificates and recommendation letters are available upon request